PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer

We offer PVC Ball Valve where PVC means Polyvinyl Chlorideball valves which are widely used plastic shut off valves that contains a rotary ball with a bore at the center. It comes with a valve which is in lower temperature and pressure resistance and lower mechanical strength than brass and stainless steel valves. They are widely used in domestic or professional irrigation, water treatment, aquariums, chemical processing, food processing, water features and fountains and landfills.

PVC Ball Valve Suppliers

A PVC valve has the features like durable, inexpensive and is used for a wide variety of industry including water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases. It comes in double union, or true union valves, have separate pipe connection ends fixed to the valve body by a threaded connection. The valve can be easily removed for inspection, replacement, and cleaning. PVC properties have essential characteristic materials that are light weight, long service life, durable and anti-corrosion. The materials used are usually recyclables and has low impact on the environment and much eco-friendly materials are used. It may be resistant to acids, chemicals and other bases. When drinking water is purified the PVC plays an important role and we manufacture the best quality environmentally safe and when transfer to food it will not harm the consumers.

PVC Ball Valve in India

The construction design of it comes in 2-way and 3-way and it comes in T shape of L shape design. The ISO-Top drive the PVC Ball exits in many range of flange sizes that is important since the exact valves of a valve will avoid leaking and the type of pressure is required by the consumer. When selecting a valve the cost, pressure, temperature, flow media and bore design is taken into considerations to apply in domestic or professional irrigation.We are in the best situation to provide at the lowest price in the market. Our product is of good quality and also tested for better performance.