Drain Trap

Drain Trap Manufacturer

At Gokul Valves we are manufacturer of a drain trap which is designed to retain a small amount of water each time the sink drains where this water stands in the bended segment to trap seals the channel and keeps sewer gasses from getting away from the channel and entering your home.The trap location is almost obvious in the standing water toilet that indicates the presence of it, for example. Looking at the backside of the toilet, one can see the curved shape of the drain through which the water exits.Also it comes as an out-of-the-way location, consisting of the rest room sink or kitchen, wherein the trap is generally hidden in a cupboard beneath the sink. When looking at the sink, the standing water can’t be seen, but if when follow the drain lines is required in general are U or S shape where the water is held to block the sewer gas.

It is beneficial for trapping small objects that accidentally dropped into the drain, plus they are fairly easy to remove. If a golden ring or something valuable goes down the drainit is likely be safe in the trap. Traps also collect sand, hair,and other debris, and also limit the size of objects that can pass through into the rest of the plumbing.  In the large plumbing like tubs, showers and washing machine drains also have traps but not easily seen since they under floor level or behind walls. Showers and tubs traps are harder to get to and either requires crawling under the house or cutting a hole behind the shower or tubs and digging out the area where the trap is located. Washing machine drain traps are frequently in the wall, and to access them you usually have to cut into the wall as well.

The maintenance of all drains is to be done atleast once every couple of weeks to keep water in the traps. This includes toilets, showers, tubs, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, washing machine drains, and more. To keep the these drains dry is good since it will not occur smell that is pungent and going for travelling from home for a long period of time some people stuff drain openings with plastic wrap to keep sewer gases from invading the house while the fixtures are not in use. The drain trap is also known the interceptor of the material used in like plastic, brass, cast iron and we also use the best PVC available in the market to provide to the client requirement. Moreover the material used are copper, fiber cement and vibrated that anti-corrosion is use.Sometimes maintenance of the water seal is critical since it need trap operation; traps might dry out, and poor venting can suction or blow water out of the traps.

This is generally prevented through venting the drain pipes downstream of the trap; through being vented to the environment outside the building, the drain lines never operate at a strain much better or lower than atmospheric strain. When a vent can't be provided, an air admittance valve can be used instead. These gadgets avoid poor strain in the drain pipe by venting room air into the drain pipe (at the back of the trap).  When a trap is mounted on a fixture that is now no longer routinely used—together with a ground drain—the eventual evaporation of the water in the trap should be considered.  We supply them with a reasonable rate and of the best quality in the industry.