Ball Valve Manufacturers

We additionally have an amazing decision of seat and seal materials accessible. Ball valve and gate valves are both designed to confine and control flow. all valves are a typical sort of valve throughout everyday life and are basically utilized for liquid guideline and control. Ball valves are tough, performing great after numerous cycles, and dependable, shutting safely even after significant stretches of disuse. With such countless various kinds of valves market today, it very well may be hard to choose which valve is generally appropriate for your application. Further, these are manufactured from quality are material that make these items profoundly sturdy and dependable. Various tests are led to guarantee that our items meet the standard of the organization.

Features :

The ball valve has the going with essential features. What begins things out is that it is extremely adaptable on the grounds that it holds up loads up to 700 bars and temperatures up to 200°C and measures regularly run from 0.5 cm to 30 cm.

  • Variety of Materials: SS316, Inconel, Brass, Alloy 400 and Carbon Steel.
  • Annealed bodies adjusting to NACE MR-01-75 for Sour Gas Service Application.
  • Pneumatic and Electric Actuation choices accessible.
  • The ball is hollow, turning, and punctured.
  • The port is an opening that is drilled through the center of the valve.
  • Seats are round circles used to make a seal between the body and the ball.

Advantages :

Ball valves are famous for various reasons. To start with, they are well known for the way that they have an assortment of material alternatives. Ball valves are generally self-cleaning on the grounds that, as the chunk of a ball valve pivots, the seat wipes itself, successfully forestalling any development.

  • Low cost
  • High stream limit
  • High flow capacity
  • High weight/temperature abilities
  • Low spillage and upkeep
  • Tight fixing with low force

Applications :

Presently it is applied with a speeding up at home and abroad. The ball valve is by and large used in various undertakings, for instance, oil refining, long-separate vehicle pipes, compound, paper making, drug store, water treatment structure, power and so forth.

  • General sizes available are 1/2? to 12?.
  • The working temperature which is essentially reliant on seats and seals might be evaluated as high as 550°F.
  • Chlorine manufacturing or different gas handling applications
  • Streaming frameworks on boats

Ball Valve Types :

  • Floating Mounted Ball Valve
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
  • Manual Operated Ball Valves
  • Automated Operated Ball Valve
  • Single Piece Design Ball Valve
  • Two Piece Design Ball Valve
  • Three Piece Design Ball Valve
  • Multi Port Ball Valve
  • Soft Seated Ball Valves

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